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FANLYPLS - PVC Free Foam Board Extrusion Line

FANLYPLAS - PVC Free Foam Board Extrusion Line

      Today, we gonna continue last time's topic: PVC free foam board extrusion line.

The difference between PVC free foam board line and PVC celuka foam board line is the free line adopts calender technoly and celuka line adopts Celuka foam technology. The latter results in a skinning or outer layer of the foam board. Its surface is harder and more scratch resistant.

Compared with PVC celuka foam board, PVC free foam board not only has much more light weight, but also has the rough surface which is good for printing, then the advertising performance of the PVC free foam board is much better than the PVC celuka foam board.

      Still, let’s introduce our FANLY EXTRUSION PVC FREE FOAM BOARD EXTRUSION LINE. From the above picture, the complete production line includes:

1.  Conical twin screw extruder

2.  T-DIE

3.  Three roller calender

4.  Cooling bracket

5.  Haul-off unit

6.  Cutting unit

7.  Stacker

         And please remember what our FANLYPLAS aim is QUALITY FIRST AND SERVICE NEVER ENDS.

Aslo let’s check the feedback from our abroad clients.

        At last, show you the funny picture of PVC free foam board.

From that picture, we can see that the biggest deifference betweem PVC free foam board and celuka foam board.

     Okay. All for today, see u next time.



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