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Classification of Plastic Flooring

At present, PVC sheet flooring can be made into two kinds, one is that the pattern material from the bottom to the surface is the same homogeneous and translucent floor. If the surface is burnt out or scratched, it can be repaired by polishing with a sander. . The other is that the uppermost layer is a pure PVC transparent layer and then a combination of a printed layer and a foamed layer is added below. It can be seen that the same quality of the translucent material is much superior to the composite type.

From the morphological point of view, it is divided into coil floor and sheet floor; the products highlighted in this article: LVT, WPC floor is semi-rigid sheet plastic floor, and SPC (RVP) floor is hard sheet floor. At present, there are three main types of LVT flooring: vinyl locking, dry back, loose laying. From another perspective, PVC flooring can be divided into: Dry Back, click and Loose lay. At the same time, WPC wood plastic flooring and SPC stone plastic flooring are also in the active promotion and high-speed development stage in the domestic and foreign markets.




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