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What is an Embossing Roller and How to Make It

   The embossing roller is mainly used for pressing various patterns of the mold, and different embossing rollers can press out different patterns. The embossing roller has a wide range of applications, such as plastic, leather, glass, paper, etc. can be pressed. Pressing the pattern with the embossing roller not only improves the aesthetics of the product, but also enhances the effects of anti-counterfeiting and trademark protection. The pattern of the embossing roller can be customized according to customer requirements.

   Generally, the material of the embossing roller selects seamless steel pipe, and can be customized by special materials if customer requires. When making embossing roller, the static balance and dynamic balance treatment should be performed. There are many pattern of the embossing roller. When processing embossing rollers, different processing techniques should be used according to the pattern to be processed, so that clear, precise and beautiful patterns can be pressed out. After making embossing roller, it needs to be surface treated, usually hard chrome plated.

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