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PP melt blown non woven fabric machine

2020 new product and fast delivery machinery for PP melt blown non-woven fabric production line

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2020 new product and hot selling machinery for

PP melt blown non-woven fabric production line

Machine Description

A product of Fanlyplas&Granplas

      Consisting of Vacuum hopper loader; single screw extruder, master batch feeder, filtering unit, melt pump, melt blown die and spinneret board, hot air unit, web forming unit, suction fan unit, static treatment machine, slitting device, fully automatic winder and full set of electric control.

We pay attention on:

1. Better screw design to make the PP melt flow rate more stable

2. Materbatch feeder to increase the static absorption and increase the fabric filtering rate and barriers.

3. Double column screen change to filt the dust make sure it will not block the pinneret board

4. Stable and strong web forming machine with electrical control makes product more stable moving

5. Static treatment Unit

6. Round knife slitting

7. Automatic winder

      PP melt blown fabric machine adopts a screw style air blower which ensure the hot air processing system more stable. This machine can make melt blown fabric which can be used for air filter material for mask or filter material for oil filtering.

Manufacturing Technique

Product width Daily output(Kgs/24hrs) Extruder model
600mm 300kg DSMB65
1600mm 1500kg DSMB90
2400mm 2500kg DSMB105
3200mm 4000kg DSMB120 or DSMB135

Detailed Images

Product Application

      PP melt blown non woven fabric can be used in medical gown, protective clothing, disinfectant fabric, face mask, diapers, etc. Especially for current face mask market.



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