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  • PVC Marble Sheet Line
  • PVC Marble Sheet Line
  • PVC Marble Sheet Line
PVC Marble Sheet LinePVC Marble Sheet LinePVC Marble Sheet Line

PVC Marble Sheet Line

  • PVC Sheet Extrusion machine
  • PVC Marble Sheet Extrusion Machine
  • PVC Marble Sheet Making Machine
  • High Quality PVC Marble Sheet Extrusion Production Line
  • Product description:

1.PVC rigid/solid sheet extrusion machine application:

This sheet board panel extrusion line is widely used in hot spring resorts, bath club, KTV, office building, hotel, subway and other high-level places. Ceiling,wall panel,background wall,door of kitchen,washingroom,corridor,office decoration,ect. special for public and private decoration,such as villa,house, hotel, shopping mall,and so on.

2.PVC rigid/solid sheet extrusion machine advantage:

1.experience:Our company have rich experience in designing and manufacturing the extrusion equipment.

2.Green environmental protection, does not contain formaldehyde,non-toxic harmless, non radioactive pollution, no pollution to the environment, belong to the green environmental protection products, can be recycled

3.Waterproof, moisture-proof, water is not deformation, non slip PVC material,strong anti slippery , can eliminate the elderly,children's anxiety.

4.With imitation marble production line, PVC sheet is extrued out and shaped by three-roll calender. And the sheet surface is treated with lamination and UV directly in line, which makes a mirror-like surface with strong feeling of smooth and shining marble.

5.PVC super wear-resistant floor surface has a layer of special by high-tech processing transparent wear-resistant layer, withwear resistance strong, so PVC floor more and more popular in the hospital,in school, office buildings, shopping malls,supermarkets, transportation and other places



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