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Product description

1.SMF series Plastic Pulverizer/milling machine/ grinder has the advantages of high-yield and low-power. This machine can be used for powder processing of Polyethlene (PE), PolyvinylChloride (PVC), Polypropylene (PP).
2.It is a special equipment to recycle left bits and pieces of plastic industries.It is proved by plastic product major factory after practical operation that adding 20%-30% milled waste plastic powder will not change any physical and chemical properties index compared with brand new material.

3.So it is the optimum machine to reduce cost and curtail expenditures, and to recycle the waste and defective goods.


1.With water cycle and wind cooling, the machine can be applied into processing heat sensitive material.

2.With the tail-wagging air stream (partly eddy flow) produced by the tail-wagging of the main shaft capstan of the machine, the input tail-wagging materials collide strongly with the board and the cutting blade, and was grinded into powdery (without sieving).

3.Both the board and the cutting blade are made of abrasion-resistant steel, with excellent performance after heat treatment.

4.With severeness of framework, the volume of the machine is quite small. If you open door closure, you can maintain it. It is completely airproof and without any dust leakage.

5.With winding reclaiming equipment, the machine is features by cooling materials evenly, quick cooling and some other characteristics.



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